Growing up in Austin

OK, I’ll bite… I have no idea why you’re looking for information about me, but since you’re so curious, I suppose I can reveal a few details…

First, to dispell a common misconception, I was born on this planet, though there are some that I might dispute that Texas is part of the United States. In fact, I was born in Austin, which holds the interesting label of “Live Music Capitol of the World,” which, having grown up there for 20+ years, I can honestly say is at least as close to truth as any other marketing slogan, and probably more than any proffered by a computer company.

Growing up in Austin, actually in a small affluent suburb, though without its own post office, was an interesting experience, different from anywhere else in Texas, and most likely in the rest of the US. Austin sits at the cross-roads of high-tech, hippies and red-necks, and it’s not unusual to see all three at the same table having a Celis (the local brew, a fine thing). This can lead to all kinds of bizarre blends of personalities, and has instilled within Austinites—-at least those native born, or of long lineage—-a very “live and let live” attitude that doesn’t get upset about what you do, so long as it doesn’t hurt a tree.

Caught the “tree” comment huh? Well, Austin, at least when I was there until 1994, was definately tree-hugger central, and I myself considered myself part of that subset of the society. Austin has a natural beauty unlike most anywhere else in the country, a combination of the rolling hills, the Edward Plateau, and steep cliffs and 7 regional lakes. Add that to Zilker Park and the second largest spring-fed pool in the world, and you have a city that really thrives outdoors, whether it be playing volleyball in the park, hiking along the miles and miles of trails, or just reading a book in the shade of an oak. I miss it, no doubt about it. DC is much more rushed and obsessed with the appearance rather than the substance, although I’d hazard Austin is less what it used to be due to the influx of California hires at the high-tech companies.

So I graduated school, went on to college—-choosing to stay in Austin with friends and family, and go to the University of Texas, where I found out that many things were not what I was expecting… regardless, I learned a lot, mostly in classes that had nothing to do with my major—-Architecture. I left before I finished my degree, even though at the time I was working for the Petroleum Engineering department.

Having spent some time with Lockheed Missle & Space, as well as Apple Computer (who had just opened their Austin facility), I decided I needed a change of pace, and when a job at Sprint’s Internet group was offered to me, I snapped it up, and moved to nothern Virginia (Herndon to be more exact). This was eye opening, and the first time I’d been away from all my friends and support system, even though I’ve built one up here, it’s never quite been as strong. Perhaps it’s because of the huge influx and turnover of people in the area. Perhaps it’s the fear of ending up on the front page of the Washington Post.

So there you have it, it’s not that interesting, but it’s all there is… perhaps in due time, I will work on more information about me, and my interests, but not now… if you want to know more you can contact me.