Welcome Back?

Well, it has been a long time since I last wrote anything in a blog. In that time, I’ve moved from one coast to the other, had a couple of jobs, and generally aged. I’m not sure if this blog will stick. The last one lasted many years, and I have a todo item that will have me putting a lot of that back on the site so that it’s available for “posterity”. This one? Not so sure. But, I do know that in 2020, I need to figure out a way to get more writing done that’s not purely “work”, so, this blog will probably cover a few topics of current interest:

  • Social and political issues, natürlich.
  • Technology, especially my current interest in F# and .NET .
  • Cooking, my refuge from the insanity of the world.

Hopefully, someone, and perhaps even several someones, will find it interesting and might even steal a recipe or three.

A small note about how this site is hosted. As part of my desire to explore new things that are outside my normal day-to-day work, I’ve decided to start digging into Azure in addition to my exploration of .NET and F#. In for a penny, in for a pound. To do that, I’m hosting this through a combination of Github and Azure Static Web Apps which is specifically designed to deal with this sort of situation. The site is written in Markdown and managed through Hugo , and then that is published through a workflow in Azure. Pretty spiffy if you ask me.

For design, I’ve started with the Hugo version of the Codex theme. From that, I’ve started making some changes. The main one you might notice is the typograhy. Instead of the default, I’ve adopted the typeface Cholla from the amazing Emigre type foundry. Designed by Sibylle Hagmann in the late 1990s as a hybrid of slab and sans serif types, I love the character of the face: interesting, quirky, but still readable in text blocks. In addition, I’ve tried to lean on CSS3 typography around OpenType and hyphenation to try and get something that’s a tiny bit more readable than the average website.